May 27, 2016
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Cascade Tip of the Month: Consolidating Content using Collapsible Lists

Do you need to present lists or sections of content on a single page that just keeps getting longer and longer? If you are looking to offer a more consolidated view of your content, the new collapsible list feature may be the right fit.

Check it out:

How to create a collapsible list:

  • Create a one-column table with a row for each section of content to be collapsed.
  • Apply the “collapsible” style to the table (select the table, select collapsible from the Styles dropdown).
  • In each cell, start with either a Heading 5 or Heading 6 to serve as the clickable area to open/close your content.
  • Below the heading, enter the content to be collapsed in the same table cell. Repeat for each section of content, placing each section in its own table cell.
  • Save your page and preview it in Cascade to ensure all the sections behave as expected, then publish.

View the help page for more details:

Happy editing!


April 26, 2016
by University Web & Design
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Cascade Tip of the Month: Introducing the YouTube Rotating Widget

It’s springtime on campus, which means colorful flowers, Frisbee in the Sunken Garden, tour groups galore and new web features! Many of us use widgets to highlight certain content on our pages, and YouTube widgets are a great way to showcase great video content. But how do you pick which video to feature? The YouTube widget we all know and love now has the same functionality as a rotating widget, and can feature up to five videos at a time*! Creating a new YouTube rotating widget—or adding videos to an existing one—is simple:

  • Create a new YouTube widget folder.
  • Edit the widget file.
  • Select the green plus sign to add additional videos.

Happy editing. And happy #wmInSpring!

*Note: the rotating video widget feature is currently available for, and It will become available for and in the coming months.


March 9, 2016
by University Web & Design
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W&M’s Mason School of Business launches their design refresh

Old and New Business School homepage designsOver the past few months our office has been working to unite all of our graduate schools under our new brand and visual identity guidelines that were unveiled along with a new W&M website design over Charter Day 2015.

Today, the Raymond A. Mason School of Business joins the main W&M site and the Law School by incorporating the official university colors and the Business School logo prominently at the top of every page. New banners have been added to the site along with an expanded spotlight feature on the homepage to highlight even more great content coming from the student, staff and faculty at the Business School. We’ve also made the “Prospective Student” area more prominent on the homepage so those curious about the school can easily find the content they’re interested in.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your feedback.

~Tiffany Broadbent Beker

February 19, 2016
by University Web & Design
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Cascade Tip of the Month: Help Spell Check Help You

Has anyone ever pointed out a misspelling on one of your webpages? Spelling errors can be easy to overlook at times, especially since Cascade doesn’t notify us of our mistakes before submitting and publishing…or does it? It’s time for all of us to reduce those pesky typos and employ one of Cascade’s most under-utilized tools—the spell checker.

There are two different ways to eliminate misspellings on your site:
1. When editing your page, assemble all of your content just the way you want it and select the ABC/checkmark icon in the WYSIWYG editor. This will either let you know that no misspellings have been located on your page, or it will insert red squiggly lines to notify you of any errors.
2. In the bottom right corner in edit-mode you will see a link for “Advanced Options.” This will expand the bottom of your window and offer you the option to “check spelling.” By checking that box and submitting your page, Cascade will then notify you of any misspellings that you can either fix, ignore or add to your dictionary.

It can be easy to forget to use the spell checker, but it’s a good habit to form and a useful tool that is quick and easy to use.

Happy editing!


Law School website refreshed

February 4, 2016 by University Web & Design | Comments Off on Law School website refreshed

Just in time for the Charter Day celebration, the William & Mary Law School website has a new look.

Out with the old…


… and in with the new!


The new design incorporates official university colors and the Law School logo sits boldly atop every page. Banners have been refreshed throughout. On the homepage, the main slideshow is larger for more engaging photography and there’s a Faculty in the News section front and center. (Ok, technically it’s a little to the right of center.)

It’s another step towards a unified W&M brand in accordance with the University Style Guide, while we hope honoring the distinguished identity of America’s first Law School.

How did we do? We’d love to hear your feedback.

~ Mark Windley

January 20, 2016
by University Web & Design
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Cascade Tip of the Month: To FAQ or not to FAQ?

It’s the first day of classes for spring 2016, so what better way to kick off another great semester than by refreshing your web content? We know our audiences want quick answers, but are FAQ pages the best way to ensure the content they are looking for is front-and-center? You may want to take a step back and ask yourself if the FAQs you are showcasing really are frequently asked questions, why is that info not readily available on your site? Try to view your site as the source of the information your audience is looking for in a structure that makes it easy to find. So, how do you know what your audience is looking for? Here are a few helpful pointers:

  • Monitor what your users are asking on social media. If your audience consists of prospective and incoming students and you maintain a FAQ page addressing future students, do your FAQs bear a resemblance to the questions you are answering on social media? If they do (and they should), it’s probably time to start thinking about ways to better feature that info on your website (outside of an FAQ page).
  • Take notes and set up meetings. By enlisting the help of offices and staff who interact directly with your audience (e.g. Admission, First Year Experience), they can help recommend new content based on the questions they encounter the most.
  • Ideally, your site’s content will answer your audience’s questions. However, if you find your FAQ page is getting a significant amount of traffic and you think it’s appropriate to keep it, that’s fine. But if there’s a particular question that comes up over and over, consider adding that information to one of your primary pages instead of only featuring it on your FAQ page.

Happy editing! And try to stay warm out there.



August 21, 2015
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Cascade Tip of the Month: How to Keep the Publisher Publishing

It’s August and time to kick off another sure-to-be-stellar academic year. But with this excitement comes a very busy period for those of us maintaining the university’s web presence. (Hey, that’s you!)

Have you found yourself stuck in a long line in the publishing queue? With almost 1,000 of us using Cascade, it’s bound to happen on occasion. But here are a few best practices we can all follow to avoid adding unnecessary wait time:

  • If you only edit an index page, publish just that index page.
  • If you update the text in your menu, publish the folder up one level from the one you edited.
  • If you update a listing item (a directory page, news story, feature or announcement), you can save time by publishing just the following:
    • the item’s folder
    • your _listbox folder (if applicable)
    • any index pages on which you include the Listbox (if applicable)

There will also be times when it makes the most sense to publish your root folder — if you are making many edits across your site, making edits that affect your main menu, or updating listing items and you prefer the simplicity of a single publish. In these cases we urge you to complete and preview your edits in Cascade and then publish your root folder only once when you are done. 

Happy editing. And happy #wmmovein!

~ Jesse

July 9, 2015
by University Web & Design
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Tribe Responses Upgrade

Tribe Responses has been redesigned and includes many new features. All forms and collected data is still intact and accessible in the new environment. The admin panel looks a bit different but is intended to be more streamlined and user-friendly.

Here’s a summary of the changes:


  • Switched to IT’s Central Authentication Service (single sign on)
  • New responsive admin theme – reminiscent of WordPress
  • More prominent “Help” link
  • Help pages rewritten and moved to the Creative Services Cascade site
  • Added support for formatting options via a WYSIWYG editor to form introduction, questions, more info links and custom messages (both the submit message and form unavailable message)


  • Added a Recycle Bin. Deleted forms can be restored for 90 days.
  • Added pagination (10 per page) to all lists
  • Added search filter to all lists
  • Added created on, last modified, and last response columns to all lists
  • Added “view” link for each active or inactive form
  • Lists are sortable by column headings

Form Summary – Questions Tab

  • Added ability to download questions as a text file
  • Can do drag-to-sort ordering of questions (auto saves new order)
  • Added a question template for U.S./International Address (less restrictive fields that can work for either U.S. or international formats)


  • Added ability to change the maximum allowed characters in large text boxes to less than 4500
  • Added support for 2 and 3 column display of multiple choice and checkbox questions
  • Added a few more pre-built answer sets for multiple choice and checkbox questions

Form Summary – Settings Tab

  • Grouped settings into 3 sections (instead of 6)
  • Added ability for any editor to select a school theme for their form (themes updated to reflect new W&M visual identity and are fully responsive)
  • Added the ability to associate a W&M Event with a form. When a user completes the form, a feed of the event is auto-appended to the Submit message (thank you page). The feed includes links to see the event in W&M Events or add it to your Outlook/Mac/Google calendar.


  • Added ability for editors to attach a comment to a collected response. Can do this from the main list of responses or from an individual response view.
  • Added pagination to response list (starts at 10 per page, but customizable)
  • Added search filter to response list
  • When viewing responses, checkbox fields are broken out into separate columns
  • Response list is sortable by column headings

~Tina Coleman


June 9, 2015
by University Web & Design
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myWM Has a New Look!

You may have noticed myWM has an updated design. What’s new? Mostly colors and fonts. This update brings the page in line with the university’s new visual identity guidelines. What’s the same? Almost everything. All of myWM’s popular features, links and resources are still available in their same locations. We hope you enjoy the fresh design—tell us what you think in the comments below.


~ Jesse