Brand Guidelines Update

The project to create and implement a new university logo and style guide was completed in November, 2014. A university’s brand is constantly evolving and requires constant stewardship by all communicators. This week, we launched an updated Brand Guidelines site. We plan to keep a perpetual eye on it and update and tweak its content as deemed helpful.

Brand Guidelines

A few notable changes and updates to this iteration:

  1. Visual headers to show examples of the content on pages
  2. A sidebar on every page that gives additional information regarding the content, and a consistent link that directs people to Web & Design with questions
  3. More intuitive navigation based on user feedback, including drop-down menu items
  4. Accordion-nested content on longer pages to keep page length shorter and more digestible
  5. Key content additions, including but not limited to:
    1. an expanded university color palette
    2. instructions regarding the production of merchandise
    3. details regarding the restricted use of the coat of arms
    4. information about email signatures
    5. round social media profile templates for units
    6. additional graphic assets for download
  6. Ability to click on any image throughout the site that has a corresponding download and be directed to the location to download that item

Contact University Web & Design with any questions!

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