Cascade Tip of the Month: Help Spell Check Help You

Has anyone ever pointed out a misspelling on one of your webpages? Spelling errors can be easy to overlook at times, especially since Cascade doesn’t notify us of our mistakes before submitting and publishing…or does it? It’s time for all of us to reduce those pesky typos and employ one of Cascade’s most under-utilized tools—the spell checker.

There are two different ways to eliminate misspellings on your site:
1. When editing your page, assemble all of your content just the way you want it and select the ABC/checkmark icon in the WYSIWYG editor. This will either let you know that no misspellings have been located on your page, or it will insert red squiggly lines to notify you of any errors.
2. In the bottom right corner in edit-mode you will see a link for “Advanced Options.” This will expand the bottom of your window and offer you the option to “check spelling.” By checking that box and submitting your page, Cascade will then notify you of any misspellings that you can either fix, ignore or add to your dictionary.

It can be easy to forget to use the spell checker, but it’s a good habit to form and a useful tool that is quick and easy to use.

Happy editing!


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