Cascade Tip of the Month: How to Keep the Publisher Publishing

It’s August and time to kick off another sure-to-be-stellar academic year. But with this excitement comes a very busy period for those of us maintaining the university’s web presence. (Hey, that’s you!)

Have you found yourself stuck in a long line in the publishing queue? With almost 1,000 of us using Cascade, it’s bound to happen on occasion. But here are a few best practices we can all follow to avoid adding unnecessary wait time:

  • If you only edit an index page, publish just that index page.
  • If you update the text in your menu, publish the folder up one level from the one you edited.
  • If you update a listing item (a directory page, news story, feature or announcement), you can save time by publishing just the following:
    • the item’s folder
    • your _listbox folder (if applicable)
    • any index pages on which you include the Listbox (if applicable)

There will also be times when it makes the most sense to publish your root folder — if you are making many edits across your site, making edits that affect your main menu, or updating listing items and you prefer the simplicity of a single publish. In these cases we urge you to complete and preview your edits in Cascade and then publish your root folder only once when you are done. 

Happy editing. And happy #wmmovein!

~ Jesse

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