Tribe Responses Upgrade

Tribe Responses has been redesigned and includes many new features. All forms and collected data is still intact and accessible in the new environment. The admin panel looks a bit different but is intended to be more streamlined and user-friendly.

Here’s a summary of the changes:


  • Switched to IT’s Central Authentication Service (single sign on)
  • New responsive admin theme – reminiscent of WordPress
  • More prominent “Help” link
  • Help pages rewritten and moved to the Creative Services Cascade site
  • Added support for formatting options via a WYSIWYG editor to form introduction, questions, more info links and custom messages (both the submit message and form unavailable message)


  • Added a Recycle Bin. Deleted forms can be restored for 90 days.
  • Added pagination (10 per page) to all lists
  • Added search filter to all lists
  • Added created on, last modified, and last response columns to all lists
  • Added “view” link for each active or inactive form
  • Lists are sortable by column headings

Form Summary – Questions Tab

  • Added ability to download questions as a text file
  • Can do drag-to-sort ordering of questions (auto saves new order)
  • Added a question template for U.S./International Address (less restrictive fields that can work for either U.S. or international formats)


  • Added ability to change the maximum allowed characters in large text boxes to less than 4500
  • Added support for 2 and 3 column display of multiple choice and checkbox questions
  • Added a few more pre-built answer sets for multiple choice and checkbox questions

Form Summary – Settings Tab

  • Grouped settings into 3 sections (instead of 6)
  • Added ability for any editor to select a school theme for their form (themes updated to reflect new W&M visual identity and are fully responsive)
  • Added the ability to associate a W&M Event with a form. When a user completes the form, a feed of the event is auto-appended to the Submit message (thank you page). The feed includes links to see the event in W&M Events or add it to your Outlook/Mac/Google calendar.


  • Added ability for editors to attach a comment to a collected response. Can do this from the main list of responses or from an individual response view.
  • Added pagination to response list (starts at 10 per page, but customizable)
  • Added search filter to response list
  • When viewing responses, checkbox fields are broken out into separate columns
  • Response list is sortable by column headings

~Tina Coleman


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