Cascade Tip of the Month: Did my page publish yet?

Do you find yourself hitting “refresh” over and over on your live site wondering if your publish job has gone through?

There’s a setting for that. If you’re tired of guessing, you can set your user preferences to take you to the publish status page after you publish your edits. From there you can see your place in the queue and watch your item work its way through.

To change this setting: log in to Cascade, select the Cascade logo (that swirly thing in the top left corner), select Preferences, then User. Check the “After Publish Assets, Go to publish status page” box and hit Submit. Voila.

Access User Preferences to set your publish status page setting.

Access user preferences to set your publish status page setting.

Warning: often Cascade publishes so quickly that your item will only spend a moment on the status page. But this is a good thing.

Happy editing!

~ Jesse

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