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Tribe Voices v2.0

Last week we released an update to Tribe Voices (free, web-based software that makes it easy for W&M people and organizations to create simple websites). You may not notice a lot of changes on the front end, but the code received a full overhaul updating it to the latest version of the PHP Framework we use (CodeIgniter). We also updated the HTML and CSS to follow modern standards. We did add a few new features though.

Social Media Buttons

The (oftentimes finicky) embeddable Facebook, Twitter and Flickr side bar widgets have been replaced with simple links that you can specify in the Site Settings. Now users can go directly to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest or LinkedIn page by clicking the corresponding icon in your navigation menu. Check out the Social Media section of the Tribe Voices Help site for a more detailed how-to.

Responsive Tribe Voices ThemeResponsive Theme

We’ve also added a new theme to the mix to go along with “responsify-ing” the rest of the W&M web presence. The “Responsive” theme has flexible design that will reorganize its layout to be viewed optimally on any size device (desktop, tablet or mobile). The navigation menu is placed horizontally above the main image and an optional widget side column will appear if any widgets are chosen to be displayed. The theme also allows for a custom color scheme (you can change the colors of the backgrounds, sidebars, text, links and menus using the “Customize Color Scheme” option unique to this theme).

~Tiffany Broadbent Beker (@tb623)

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