Now it’s (a little) easier to find your way on campus

Campus Map…we can’t guarantee a brick won’t trip you on your way there though.

Today Creative Services launched a new interactive and searchable campus map. We’ve consolidated all of our campus location information (for W&M and VIMS) into one spot. Now you can find a building’s address, photo, disability information, directions, and which offices and departments are housed within it, all on a single page (that’s linkable from anywhere, including as a link on any Cascade page).

You can search for a building by name (or search for a department or office to determine their building) or browse buildings by name or by category:

Plus, with W&M’s responsive design, the campus map is quickly accessible on your phone or tablet and much easier to navigate than a PDF file (although PDFs of the map are still available, in large and small versions).

We’ve also done some clean up of our visiting section so the information our visitors are looking for is easier to find.

If during the course of your campus map explorations you find something that’s incorrect or missing, please let us know!

What do you think of our new campus map?

~Tiffany Broadbent Beker (@tb623)

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