Cascade Tip of the Month: Cascade Has Spell-check?

Yes. Cascade has a built-in spell-checker. Who knew?

We’ve all probably learned the hard way that a spell-checker won’t catch all typos, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. While the spell-check feature of some browsers will work while editing the content area of a page (the little red squiggly lines under misspellings), you can also have a full-page check done as you submit your edits. This will include your page title and other text fields as well as the primary content area.

How it works:

  1. Before you submit a page, expand the “Advanced Options” (located just above the Submit button).
  2. Check the box labeled “Check Spelling” and hit Submit.
  3. If there are any unrecognized words you will be presented an easy-to-use interface.
  4. Use the options to modify the word, accept a suggested spelling, add the word to your dictionary or ignore it.

Happy editing!

~ Jesse


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