Cascade is hungry…for blog and Twitter feeds

New Cascade listbox optionsYou’ve asked and we’ve responded! Cascade listboxes can now display RSS feeds and Twitter as well as the show the latest events from the W&M Event system. Pulling in an RSS feed is a great way to highlight the latest content from your department or office’s blog (or if your office doesn’t have one, you can set one up). Similarly, if you have a Twitter account you can now show your latest tweets and point your visitors to check out more of your updates.

Any listboxes that you currently have on your site, as well as any new ones you create, will automatically have this new feature, just select the “RSS” option in the “Type” dropdown. You also have the option, if you are pulling in a blog feed, to show a short summary of the post. As before you can choose the maximum number of items that show up in the listbox, as well as specify an external “View More” link (which should go either to your blog’s homepage or your Twitter homepage) with custom link text (for instance “See more from @wm_creative”).

To find the “Feed URL” for a blog, look for an RSS icon (like the “Blog RSS” icon RSS Icon in our sidebar) or a “Subscribe” button that will direct you to the feed (both Atom and RSS 2.0 feeds are supported). For Twitter, just put your account’s Twitter handle in place of “your Twitter handle here” in this URL: Twitter handle here

~Tiffany Broadbent

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