How Refreshing!

In 2008, William & Mary underwent an extensive project to launch a redesigned website. While Creative Services has made progressive updates since then, four years can seem like a lifetime in terms of technology relevance.  So, today, we unveiled a refreshed homepage (including an updated header, footer and navigation bar for all pages in the W&M website).

Goals for the project:

  • provide tablets with a better user experience on the homepage using responsive design technology
  • conform to current design trends so the page appears uncluttered and less “texty”
  • allow nested content and pagination without crowding the page
  • feature videos
  • use more contrast
  • allow more prominent emergency messaging

Creative Services collaborated with peer web designers on and off campus and reviewed many higher education websites before landing on a final design. This latest project contributes to a new trend in higher education. Using in-house design and technical resources made it possible to create an evolutionary, modern design without the time and dollars required for a full site redesign.

Special thanks to Mark Windley, Tiffany Broadbent, Justin Schoonmaker and Andrew Bauserman for their talents and hard work producing a beautiful, new homepage. How refreshing!

~Tina Coleman