Photoset Facelift

The scrolling images at the top of many of our news stories and features have a fresh new look. Behind the curtains it is another step toward the consolidation of all javascript into the lighter and more flexible jQuery library <rubbing hands, evil nerd laugh>. Visually, we’ve removed the arrows from the images (a usability issue) and replaced them with familiar number navigation under the caption and we tweaked the font and background colors to make the captions easier to read. These photosets are also more forgiving of images that are not the ideal width (no more str–e–tching.)

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W&M and Arts & Sciences
School of Education
Mason School of Business
Law School
Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS)

W&M Cascade users don’t worry, you can build photosets the same way as you always have. However, if you prefer the “widget” building method (entering captions and selecting images in one file) you can do that with the new photosets too! More in the help pages.

– Mark Windley

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