Broken links? What broken links?

From time to time we stumble on tools that make our lives easier. Here is one we have found for searching out those pesky broken links in your site.

It’s a free software download, and comes with no implied warranty, but several of us over here have found it very helpful. You’ll find versions to download for Windows, Mac, and yes … even Linux. From the link below select your operating system to kick off the download. Click the usual “yes, let this program touch my computer” and the installer will take it the rest of the way.

Once installed, when you open Link Checker simply fill in the address of your site and click Start. You can watch the report building, and then save it for later if you like. Your report will tell you exactly where on your page to find the link, what the link text says, and to what url it is pointing.

Tip: when typing in the address of your site, be sure to use the trailing “/” (  VS.

As with other tools of this nature, you will see some false positives. But with a little practice, you’ll get a feel for those.

Happy editing!

~ Jesse

*UPDATE*  Here are a few examples of the false positives you can just ignore:  javascript, foursquare, facebook, any other social media url errors, and any errors for links that lead to a login page (like myWM) or email addresses.