Dear Creative Services: please come home.

If you stopped by our offices this week, you may have noticed a lack of warm bodies. While normally this would be a problem, this week it was not. A cohort of our team was proudly representing William & Mary and Creative Services at HighEdWeb 2011 in Austin, Texas.

Their presentations will soon be available on the Creative Services website. Until then, our Tiffany Broadbent has shared the following on her tech blog:

#heweb11 #tnt8 and #austintx

Yes that’s a lot of Twitter hashtags but that’s what’s been filling up the past few days for me. I, along with four other folks from W&M Creative Services, travelled to Austin earlier this week to attend HighEdWeb 2011 in Austin, Texas. Tina Coleman and Andrew Bauserman presented on our new events system at W&M, and Joel Pattison and Justin Schoonmaker offered a Photoshop workshop. Our former director Susan Evans (now at mStoner) also presented on creating a Creative Services team.

I presented alongside Doug Gapinski from mStoner about mobile strategy for higher education. The talk was well received on Twitter (tracked via hashtags for each session, ours was #tnt8) and I’m excited that folks were so interested in our topic. HighEdWeb’s magazine Link summarized our talk summarized our talk twice (!) if you’re curious about what we discussed.

I attended a lot of great talks and have some great ideas to bring back to campus. Here are their Twitter hashtag commentary (with a quick-and-dirty archive courtesy of Twitter RSS) and summaries courtesy of Link:

As always this is a great conference with great speakers and networking opportunities, looking forward to HighEdWeb 2012 in Milwaukee!

So, our special thanks to Tina, Andrew, Joel, Justin and Tiffany for all the prep-work and time away from their families that went into the journey. But … please come home! It’s getting lonely back here in the trenches.

– Jesse Windley


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