Never thought we’d do TV.

Creative Services has been working on a new institutional spot for William & Mary. This 30-second “commercial” will be used during televised athletic events. Producing this was a big deal for us and we thought a lot about 1) what we wanted this to be, 2) who the audience is, and 3) what would ultimately make this spot special.

What we wanted this to be:

  • visually compelling
    (This spot has to stand up between a Bud Lite ad and a Geico commercial.)
  • simple, simple, simple
    (We only have 30 seconds! The recommended script for a 30-second spot is 60-80 words; we landed on a count of just 25 words.)
  • a demonstration of W&M’s special place in the history of the nation
    (This is an unassailable claim for us and it’s powerfully important for the W&M brand.)
  • different than the spots that most schools create
    (Some spots are simply photo slideshows of campus and students that don’t say much and aren’t visually compelling; they all tend to run together during viewing.

Who the audience is:

  • people at a live athletic event or people who are watching college sports on TV
  • individuals who have never heard of William & Mary
  • not alumni
    (Yes, those who know us will see this but they already have an impression. To influence those who don’t know us, we could not rely on an emotional response to visual elements and language that we know our alumni relate to when thinking of W&M.)

What makes this piece special:

  • it’s all true
  • the elements were created by William & Mary people
    (W&M Speech Professor Michelle King recorded the voiceover. The music is original; it was composed and recorded by Creative Services’ Justin Schoonmaker ’09. The art direction was provided by a current W&M student, Creative Services’ Joel Pattison. Technical and production expertise was provided by Creative Services’ Andrew Bauserman ’91.)

Preview the 30-second TV spot.

Go Tribe!
– Susan T. Evans

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