We were toasted, not roasted.

The @wm_creative and @WM_Admission teams enjoyed an after-hours celebration last night. We were happy to be toasted and not roasted. Here’s the invite we received from the incomparable Wendy Livingston:

Hi Creative Team (as Teri knows, that’s how I start every email to creative@wm.edu),

Congratulations. You are the Office of Undergraduate Admission’s August recipient of the Toasted by Admission award. Each month, our office celebrates the collegiality and dedication of employees outside of admission who do tremendous amounts to promote our office’s mission.

This month, you were nominated and selected by a vote of our entire admission staff to receive the recognition. Wendy Livingston, who nominated you, told our team “Throughout the summer, Creative Services has been working to make our project with mStoner a reality. From creating a website from scratch (complete with original illustrations), to shooting and editing photography to designing part of the print components, all of that team have done so much to assist us in this new communication venture. For the first time ever we will have communication that is both print and web based. And they’ve done all of this despite having numerous other summer projects on their plate. They have been wonderful sources of creativity and originality throughout this project as well as incredibility devoted and diligent colleagues. This was a huge project to undertake and I think the product that’s come about is very exciting.”

To honor your efforts, we would like to invite you to join our staff on Thursday, August 18 at Berrett’s Seafood for an after-work get-together and the Admission Office would like to treat.  Please RSVP to me via email. We will also be posting your receipt of the award in the W&M Digest. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Again, thank you for all of your efforts on our behalf.


For us, it was really a celebratory event for a mutual admiration society. The Admission team is an incredibly effective and talented group, and our partnership with them is a high priority for @wm_creative. Both teams worked hard for William & Mary. Go Tribe.

– Susan T. Evans