Dear SMUG (a regular feature of this blog)

The @williamandmary SMUG listserv is hopping. Since some valuable info is regularly cropping up on the listserv, we decided to add a regular feature to this blog called Dear SMUG. The inaugural entry for the Dear SMUG category comes from Chris Creech (W&M Law School) and Tiffany Broadbent (W&M Creative Services).

First from Chris to SMUG:

Hello, Everyone!

I’m new to this ListServ and have enjoyed reading all of your great ideas.  I think a Facebook page for SMUG is a wonderful idea.

Speaking of Facebook, I want to set up one for the Registrar’s office here at the Law School.  Can anyone offer some advice or tips on how best to do this (did I mention I’m new to all this??).

Thank you!

Then from Tiffany to Chris,

There are lots of great resources online to help you get started, these are the ones I have found useful:

via Mashable:

via All Facebook:

via oneforty:

Go Tribe,
– Susan T. Evans