Everyday I write the book.

Hannon Hill’s Kat Liendgens referenced the W&M Creative Services blog in her post about educating stakeholders.

Of course, we’re glad Kat found the @wm_creative blog useful. It is always encouraging to know that someone is reading what we write. As any blogger will tell you, it’s easy to start. Maintaining a blog over the long haul takes work and discipline; we think it’s worth the investment. (This blog, evolving from the re.web blog and then the W&M web team blog, is nearly 5 years old; it dates back to November 2006.)

In case you hadn’t noticed, an important purpose for the W&M Creative Services blog is education and information for the @williamandmary campus. No surprise that when we integrate communication channels, traffic to our blog increases. So, when we post to our blog, we tweet it, facebook it, and often send a link to our “cascaders” listserv.

We also hope that what we write here contributes to the practice of communication in the higher ed realm. We learn from colleagues at other colleges and universities and we strive to pay it forward.

To extend Kat’s thoughts about educating stakeholders, I’d also recommend a campus listserv for those who use Cascade. With a little technical magic from Mark Windley, the William & Mary Cascaders list is updated dynamically as permissions are granted in our campus’ instance of Cascade Server (sweet). We use the listserv for all things wm.edu … including scheduled maintenance, new gems that come from Cascade upgrades, and more.

Do you read this blog regularly? What would you like us to write about? Tell us with comments here (please)!

– Susan T. Evans

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