How’s it going with W&M Events?

We launched the W&M Events calendar ( about four months ago. Prognosis good. The web analytics are promising and we’ve already enhanced the system by adding new features.

Here is the detail about web traffic to W&M Events during the period of March 1, 2011 – June 23, 2011. Note these analytics represent less than four months (and one of the four is a summer month when there are not as many scheduled events on campus).

  • Total visits:
  • Unique visitors:
  • Total hits:

Thanks to the work of Mark, Andrew and Tiffany, there are enhancements to report on as well. Here’s what we heard from you, and here’s what we did.

Can you let me know when someone “suggests” an event for a calendar I manage?
Yep, we added email notifications in W&M Events. Calendar admins can turn on email notification and moderate their calendars only when there is something there to be moderated. Sweet.

Can I add links to other calendars that are related to mine on my departmental calendar? Oh, and I’d also like a featured event like the one on the W&M Events home page.
Okay, done. We added related calendars and a featured event box. Check it out.

Log in to to view help pages that detail out how to take advantage of the enhancements described above.

– Susan T. Evans

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