@wm_creative, social media is everybody’s business

For nearly a year, a subset of the @wm_creative team has been meeting weekly to coordinate social media activity for our campus.  This approached worked well for us; especially since it replaced a more ad hoc process that relied on me posting to social media channels as I sipped my morning coffee or landed in my desk chair between meetings. I thank the social media group for their commitment to rotating responsibility for our channels – cheers to you Jesse, Joel, Tiffany, and Justin. In the past twelve months, you’ve made powerful content the focus!

Last Friday, the social media group spent the whole day evaluating and reflecting about our various social media channels and we now have 90% of what we need for a more mature social media strategy. You’ll see more about this strategy soon; I plan to write a series of blog posts about plans and decisions we made during the day-long retreat. (Hint: chocolate croissants make for effective strategic planning sessions.)

One outcome of the retreat was a decision to rotate all members of the Creative Services team through this small social media group. We’ll keep the core group of Jesse, Joel, Susan, and Tiffany in place but all members of a creative services team need a baseline of familiarity and comfort with these communication tools. And, frankly, all on the @wm_creative team have brainpower and creativity to contribute. We need them.

Since she manages the W&M Blogs and wm.edu, we’ve already invited Tina to a number of the social media group meetings. In fact, she attended our full-day meeting last Friday. So, I’m declaring Tina’s first rotation into the group as complete. When we meet later today, Rachel will join the social media group for a month-long stint. After Rachel, Mark …

– Susan T. Evans

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