Tribe Responses 2011

Creative Services continues to update Tribe Responses. The latest changes include:

  • form links open in a new browser window or tab by default
  • emails now provide HTML formatting and better handling of “fancy” (MS Word and non-English) characters
  • emails now present checkbox responses (to multi-response questions) as a bulleted list, as opposed to a comma-separated list

Haven’t heard of Tribe Responses?

In March of 2010, Creative Services launched a simple form-building and data-collection tool we affectionately call Tribe Responses. In the intervening months, the W&M community has created well over 2300 forms; and Creative Services has updated the tool periodically with features such as:

  • domestic phone number validation
  • embedding forms in Cascade, including all of the graduate and professional school websites
  • option to include form responses in admin emails
  • bug fixes, including Internet Explorer display issues
  • option to send confirmation emails to respondents (W&M community only)
  • email protection and delivery support for new addresses
  • ability to delete single results (e.g., test responses)

We’re not done yet. Watch this blog to learn of more updates to Tribe Responses this summer.

– Andrew Bauserman

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