W&M Events launched this week.

Yes, W&M Events launched this week. For the first time, William & Mary has one web location for finding out about events on campus. The unveiling was successful. We officially launched on March 1 with nearly 400 events and, on March 1 alone, about 100 additional events were submitted. You can read the W&M News coverage of W&M Events here.

Actually, W&M Events is about a lot more than events. It’s about showcasing the breadth of activity and diversity and opportunity that exists on our campus. A university-wide calendar is an ideal way to highlight the student experience at William & Mary. W&M Events allows us to prove what we claim in the marketing copy on our website, “Campus life at William & Mary is as varied and engaging as the remarkable students who go here.

So we were particularly pleased to get a note of thanks from Andrea Sardone, chief marketing officer at W&M’s Mason School of Business. Andrea sent this message to a campus communications listserv on the day we launched W&M Events:

I’d like thank Creative Services for the new centralized calendar. I think it’s a great channel to add to the mix to better to tell our story. I sent a message to our b-school faculty and staff about how to use the new tool. Of course, using the calendar effectively requires a strategy and message platform that the calendar entries will validate. One of the concepts we’re working on here is the event as a brand experience–how we create these unique and compelling experiences with our brand. Thanks again, Creative Services, for getting us this tool!

And here is the message Andrea sent to her internal stakeholders in the business school:

Since the calendar is now available for all to enter events (it’s quite easy!), I’d like to suggest a way to think about events here. The calendar is another way to communicate the experience of the school of business (in addition to the website, social media like Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter, newsletters, paid advertising and direct messaging). So we should use the calendar to present our events that communicate a “here and only here” experience. The more events that we have ONLY available to our students, alumni, etc., the better, because that sends a message that we are a special place, thus making us a more compelling choice for prospective students, employers, etc.”

Hear, hear W&M Events!

– Susan T. Evans