College Communicators Association

The College Communicators Association of Virginia and D.C. is hosting the fall conference at University of Virginia. Erin Zagursky (I list her first ’cause she’s usually last), Jim “Duce” Ducibella, Mike Connolly, Brian Whitson and I are here representing the Tribe.

I’m sitting in a thought-provoking session about “Anarchy vs. Control” and who manages the message out there. We’re talking about the tension between our inability to control a university’s messages and the paycheck we earn to do just that.

Later today, I’ll be co-presenting with Malcolm Holmes of J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. Malcolm is the director of marketing and public relations and I am happy to share the stage with him. We’ll be talking about tool kits that our campuses use to support marketing and branding goals.

J. Sargeant Reynolds has a mature and well-developed visual identity program. William & Mary has an integrated web presence with a strong visual identity component but we are just beginning our campus-wide effort. The title of our presentation is “Visual Identity: coming at it head on or backing into it … it works either way.”

– Susan T. Evans

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