Have you heard about Tribe Responses?

The Creative Services team built Tribe Responses and deployed it in March 2010. Still, we run into folks on campus who haven’t heard about it. A recent example was Pam Mason in Athletics. Pam contacted me with this request, “I need to create a nomination form. Can you offer a way to do this on the web?”

I sent Pam to the Tribe Responses website. We advertise this web form builder as “super easy.” Within a few hours, Pam’s email message to me provided more evidence:

Susan:  Oh my gosh!  Thank you so much!!!! This was so easy and user friendly.  Thank you for guiding me to this.

Need to collect RSVPs for an event? Need to send a link to a group and have them respond to a few questions? Try Tribe Responses.

Happy Friday all,
– Susan T. Evans

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