New Visual Identity Committee @ William & Mary

As professional communicators, we know that each and every time William & Mary communicates, we have the opportunity to strengthen awareness and influence the perceptions of our core constituents. William & Mary officially kicked off a Visual Identity Committee today. The goal of this committee is to create a coherent, yet flexible, visual identity system that will represent our complex and diverse university.

The committee will review the logos, marks, and other graphical elements in use, and we’ll ultimately deploy a set of standards and policies to support a consistent image for the university. We have established a blog that will provide details, more information, agendas, and meeting notes. We hope you’ll visit the blog for updates!

Members of the committee are:
Susan T. Evans, Creative Services, Chair
Cindy Baker, Creative Services
Henry Broaddus, Admission
Pete Clawson, Athletics
Carolyn Davis, Auxiliary Services
Melissa Pinard, Alumni Association
Joel Pattison, Creative Services
Suzanne Seurattan, University Relations
Andrea Sardone, School of Business
Kate Slevin, Provost Office
John Wallace, Development
Jaime Welch-Donahue, School of Law
Renell Wynn, Development

Go Tribe,
– Susan T. Evans

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