The newest way to check out (or in) W&M…Foursquare

The latest way to keep in touch with William & Mary is also one of the newest social media trends, location-based social networking, introducing William and Mary on Foursquare.

The general idea of Foursquare is you “check-in” to places with your mobile phone as you visit them throughout your day…the Caf, the Rec Center, PBK, there are over 50 W&M venues currently available…with each check-in you can see if any of your friends have also checked in to that place (impromptu coffee break in Swem anyone?) and each check-in will also earn you points. The more times you check into a place (a.k.a. a “venue”) the more likely you are to become “mayor” of that venue (“mayor” is when you are the person who checked into that venue the most in the last 60 days). Venues can offer specials to Foursquare mayors or any members who check-in, for instance California Tortilla offers anyone who checks in free chips and queso, and the mayor of Carrabba’s Italian Grill can get a free dessert with the purchase of an entree.

You can compete with your friends to accumulate the most points and mayorships and also can earn “badges” for achievements, like the Swarm Badge (checking in to a venue where 49 or more other people are checked into) or the I’m on a boat! Badge (checking into, you guessed it, a boat), there are dozens of different badges you can unlock.

Each venue also has “tips” associated with it where you or your friend (or William & Mary) can add interesting tidbits about the location, like what the best baked good to order at the Grind is, or random factoids about the history of Blow Hall.

So whether you want to meet up with friends in the Sunken Garden, compete with them for the mayorship of Swem, learn fun tidbits about the College, or just see how many different badges and specials you can unlock, sign up and follow us on Foursquare, share your campus knowledge with your own tips, and stay tuned for more!

– Tiffany Broadbent

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