Email Protection for (new) student email addresses

By now you’ve hopefully heard that W&M student email addresses are moving to Google Mail. Because faculty and staff will keep addresses, students will have a different address (

We want Cascade and Tribe Responses editors to continue protecting email addresses from nasty web crawlers looking to build their spam lists so we’ve added an additional feature to our email protection trick.

Inside the double square brackets, type “e|WMuserid, optional link phrase”  (the “|” is the straight up and down, sometimes broken into 2 piece “pipe” located above the Enter key on most keyboards). In other words:

[[e|txjeff]] will transform to “” (a mailto link)

[[e|txjeff, Thomas Jefferson]] will transform to “Thomas Jefferson” (a mailto link to

Visit the Protecting Email Addresses section of Cascade Help for more information.

~Tina Coleman