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You know that feeling you sometimes get in the pit of your stomach when you try something new or delve into unfamiliar territory? We were there about 2 years ago when we debated whether or not we should include bloggers as a feature of the new W&M website we were launching.

And while we are thrilled that the W&M blogs received a special merit award this year, it is truly the impact they have on visitors to the website that really confirm the right decision was made. Here’s what some of them have to say about W&M blogs:

“These blogs are SO fantastic! I am college searching, and your website is one of, if not the most informative and interesting that I have encountered. I feel like I have known these students forever, they’re just so warm and welcoming!”

“The blogs are very useful and informative on life for a new student at the college. It’s very helpful to get an understanding of campus life to someone who does not live near the school or campus because it allows me to get to know some of the kinds of students who are already part of college life there.”

“I love reading the blogs! They have allowed me to get a feel for the community at W&M, to know some tips for applying, etc. I especially liked reading the transfer students’ stories!”

“I thoroughly enjoy the blogs of the faculty and the admission deans. I have learned a lot (especially the behind the scenes process surrounding the admissions process). I attended William and Mary a number of years ago and find it enlightening to read about various topics on the blogs. Thank you.”

“As a W&M Class of 2014 applicant, I would like to emphasize how much the blogs have helped with the admissions process! I check them frequently, and with each update I am able to see how close you are to decisions and how dedicated the Tribe is to finding the perfect students for next year’s class. Also, the student blogs really convey what life is like in the ‘Burg! As a potential student myself, I find that helpful because it allows me to picture campus life and get a feel for the area. Overall, the blogs fascinate me and keep me hoping for a big envelope soon! Thanks for all that you do, keep it up. Go Tribe!”

“I love the W&M blogs! They’ve helped me get a sense of what the community is like here and definitely swayed my decision to apply and hopefully attend!”

~Tina Coleman

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