Wouldn’t it be nice? (cue Tribe Responses)

You’re scheduling a meeting and not everyone uses W&M’s Oracle Calendar … wouldn’t it be nice if you could send everyone a link to a web page where they could indicate what days and times they’re available?

You are planning an event and want to collect RSVPs … wouldn’t it be nice if you could send invitations with a link to an RSVP web page?

(Cue Tribe Responses). Now you can!

Tribe Responses makes simple web forms a snap. A cousin of the very successful Tribe Voices, Tribe Responses is a custom web form builder developed by Creative Services. If you are a part of the W&M community and want to collect basic data on the web without having to learn html, manage a website, or create a third-party account look no further!

Read some really nice instructions and documentation for Tribe Responses.

Log in and get started building a form.

If you are currently using our WM Web Templates ‘Simple Forms,’ we will be in touch with you about migrating your Simple Form to Tribe Responses. This new tool will do everything you are doing now and more. You can even publish your form on an official W&M website (using Cascade), or simply offer a URL (http://forms.wm.edu/[ your form id ]).

The members of the Tribe Responses development team are Mark Windley, Andrew Bauserman, Joel Pattison and Jesse Windley. Kudos to Mark, Andrew, Joel and Jesse for great work – thanks to them, this web form builder tool is slick and super simple to use.

– Susan T. Evans