June 20, 2018
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Cascade Tip of the Month: Right-click to reveal quick actions

This month’s tip is quick and simple, but we decided to try something new and bring it to you via video!

Watch and learn how to right-click on assets in your file tree to get straight to actions like editing, publishing and renaming your files:


How do you like this video tip? Want to see more like it, or would you rather read your tips? Let us know: http://forms.wm.edu/38128

Happy editing!


May 18, 2018
by University Web & Design
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Cascade Tip of the Month: Introducing Bulk Uploading

Uploading a zip archive to Cascade has served as a handy way to import multiple images and documents for a long time, but with the latest upgrade came a new option that makes uploading your files a breeze.

To upload more than one file:

  1. Navigate to and select the folder where you store your files.
  2. From the top menu, choose Add Content >> File or Image.
  3. Browse and select, or drag and drop the files you wish to upload. When more than one file is selected, Cascade will activate the bulk-file upload feature.
  4. Submit.
  5. Once you have uploaded your files, you will need to edit each of them to provide the required Display Name.

*Note: Uploading a zip archive is still an option. It is now built into the standard upload process.

Visit the help pages to learn more about uploading images, documents and zip archives.

Happy editing!



April 3, 2018
by University Web & Design
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Cascade Tip of the Month: Take a shortcut to view your page live

In the past, you have either had to copy & paste your page URL, bookmark your page, search for your page or have your URL memorized in order to view your page live. Now there is a more efficient way to view your edits on the live site, and it only involves two clicks!

Here’s how it’s done:

When a page or file is selected…

  • Select “More” in the top right-hand corner.
  • Select “Live” in the dropdown menu.
  • The live version of your page or file will then open in a new window.

This is a great shortcut to verify your edits on the live site when you are done publishing.

Happy editing!


March 9, 2018
by University Web & Design
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It’s a SMUG Talk: Analytics & Algorithms

analytics-and-algorithms-smug-talkWhat does “reach” even mean? What counts as a “view”? Just the terminology of social media analytics can be confusing! During this meet-up of W&M’s Social Media Users Group, Emily Phillips helped to demystify analytical terms and talked about what we should be measuring and how.

Also discussed: the most recent Facebook algorithm changes and how businesses and brands across the country are freaking out. We talked about emerging strategies to combat this change to help your message reach its intended audience.

Did you miss the meet-up? No worries. You can still:

Still have questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your peers in the W&M SMUG Facebook group. You can also email any questions or ideas for future presentations to creative@wm.edu.

~ Jesse

February 22, 2018
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Cascade Tip of the Month: Say This, Not That

When writing content for the William & Mary website it’s particularly important that we follow the editorial guide within the Cascade Writing & Style Guide. Not sure where to find it? All of the information you need to know about acceptable word styles can be found in one convenient spot: www.wm.edu/cascade/styleguide/wordstyles

Here are the basics:

When referencing William & Mary on your website:

  • William & Mary (first reference)
  • W&M (second reference)
  • the university (as second reference)
  • Do not use: WM, the College, William and Mary, College of William and Mary, The College of William and Mary, The College of William & Mary

A broader editorial guide for all communication platforms is available on the newly-launched Brand Guidelines website.

Happy editing!


February 2, 2018
by University Web & Design
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Brand Guidelines Update

The project to create and implement a new university logo and style guide was completed in November, 2014. A university’s brand is constantly evolving and requires constant stewardship by all communicators. This week, we launched an updated Brand Guidelines site. We plan to keep a perpetual eye on it and update and tweak its content as deemed helpful.

Brand Guidelines

A few notable changes and updates to this iteration:

  1. Visual headers to show examples of the content on pages
  2. A sidebar on every page that gives additional information regarding the content, and a consistent link that directs people to Web & Design with questions
  3. More intuitive navigation based on user feedback, including drop-down menu items
  4. Accordion-nested content on longer pages to keep page length shorter and more digestible
  5. Key content additions, including but not limited to:
    1. an expanded university color palette
    2. instructions regarding the production of merchandise
    3. details regarding the restricted use of the coat of arms
    4. information about email signatures
    5. round social media profile templates for units
    6. additional graphic assets for download
  6. Ability to click on any image throughout the site that has a corresponding download and be directed to the location to download that item

Contact University Web & Design with any questions!

January 24, 2018
by University Web & Design
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Cascade Tip of the Month: Uppercase & Spaces Are Out, Properly Named Files Are In

“Don’t use spaces or uppercase letters.” It’s one of the first things you heard in Cascade Basic Training when learning about naming folders, files, images and other assets. Now, the latest Cascade update is enabling us to ensure all assets follow the proper file naming guidelines.

File names are now enforced to meet the following requirements:

  • Lowercase letters only.
  • No spaces between words.
  • Leading and trailing spaces are not allowed.

If your file name does not meet the new requirements, Cascade will offer a suggested file name and you won’t be able to Check Content & Submit until it’s properly named.

Read more about the importance of clean system names: http://www.wm.edu/cascade/links-navigation

Happy editing!


October 12, 2017
by University Web & Design
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Cascade Tip of the Month: Hide & Reuse Announcements or Other Content

Do you post announcements on a regular basis and find yourself deleting them only to recreate them a few months later? Stop reinventing the wheel and save yourself some time by hiding and reusing past announcements.

When you have announcements that you will reuse periodically:

  1. Select the announcement you want to hide and UN-publish it. 
  2. Edit the announcement and select the Configure tab.
  3. UN-check the “Include when publishing” and “Include when indexing” boxes and Save & Preview.
  4. Click Submit >> Check Content & Submit.
  5. Publish your announcements folder. If you have an announcement Listbox, publish any index pages on which you’ve included the Listbox.

When you’re ready to reactivate your hidden announcement, simply recheck “Include when publishing” and “Include when indexing” and then publish your announcements folder (and any index pages where you have an announcements listbox).

Learn more about publishing and un-publishing your content in Cascade: www.wm.edu/cascade/publishing

Happy editing!


September 6, 2017
by University Web & Design
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Cascade Tip of the Month: How to Submit Edits in Less Clicks

Cascade 8 is an exciting upgrade that brings a more modern interface, new features and great potential. The new prominence of drafts, however, may take a little extra getting used to — it adds an extra step to the submission process.

While some will enjoy the freedom of drafts — you can Save & Preview a draft that only you can see, review your content and formatting, and then Submit the draft to Cascade where it can be reviewed by others and made eligible for publishing — most would prefer to bypass this step completely.

Here’s the shortcut:

  1. From the Edit screen click the More menu (the vertical ellipses).
  2. Select Check Content & Submit.
  3. Complete any content check screens as necessary.
Bypass the Save & Preview step from the Edit screen.

Shortcut to submit: bypass Save & Preview.

Note: Once you’ve successfully submitted your changes, you’ll still need to publish them to make them appear on your live website.

July 17, 2017
by University Web & Design
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W&M Events Update

W&M Events is a communication tool for faculty, staff and students to market their events to the university community and beyond. We encourage users to add all of their events in the system and recommend them to the W&M Featured Events calendar, if appropriate, to help promote their events.

In fall 2016, W&M Events underwent a mini-facelift to bring the site in compliance with visual identity standards. Since that time, University Web & Design has been working on a more comprehensive update with a new design and additional features.


New W&M Events homepage.

The core functionality of the system remains, enhancements include:


The new design offers a more visual presentation as each event includes an image. You can browse events in a grid or list view, both of which display a thumbnail image. That leads us to…


With the new design, each event requires an image. But, good news, you can now upload your own high quality image when creating an event!

Note that the minimum required size for images is 1000px wide x 668px tall. But, no problem if you don’t have an image that size – the system offers a large gallery of campus images.

New Ways to Browse, Search & Explore Events

When creating an event, you can assign multiple categories including access and features such as “Free food,” “Open to the public” and “Paid event.” Near the footer of every page, users will find easy access to categories and calendars.

Search has been enhanced to include keywords, date range (including past events) and filtering by category or location.

Easy access to calendars & categories on every page

Easy access to calendars & categories on every page.

Duplicate Events

When creating a new event, the system will attempt to find any possible duplicate events based on the date, time, location and title of your event. If duplicates are found, they are presented to you with a few options. You can cancel your submission if the event already exists, borrow an existing event to your calendar if you manage one, or continue with your submission if the results are not a duplicate.

Additional Changes to Note
  • Information in the Summary field will only appear in the listing view (and not on the event detail page)
  • We’ve simplified the event recommendation process – top calendars have been consolidated into a single W&M Featured Events calendar; you still have the option to check “Do Not Include” if you only want your event to show up on a calendar you manage

If you have any issues as you begin using the updated events system, we recommend you check the W&M Events Help Pages or you may send an email to creative@wm.edu.